All-Season Exercise: Four Ways to Exercise Your Klee Kai Puppy Year-Round

Imagine this: you’re sitting at home with your Klee Kai puppy and the weather outside is not ideal for a walk. Whether it’s because it’s the height of summer and the pavement would burn even through puppy and human shoes or because it’s cold or windy in the dead of winter, sometimes the weather just isn’t suitable for a walk! However, there are all kinds of other ways to exercise your Klee Kai puppy and get that puppy energy out!



One of the best ways to keep your puppy thinking, working, and well exercised is to present them with puzzles! If your Klee Kai is food-motivated, try food puzzles like a snuffle mat that has treats and kibbles scattered in it. Otherwise, if your puppy is more toy-motivated, there are puzzle toys which allow your puppy to pull smaller toys out of a bigger one or similar activities.

Puppy Ping-Pong

If your puppy loves running, but the weather isn’t great for visiting the dog park, this activity is a great way to get them running and exercising without braving the heat or the cold! Have another human (a friend, partner, or family member) sit in one area of your home with a treat bag or favored toy, while you sit in a different area with your own bag of treats or toy. Then, take turns calling your puppy between the two of you! Make sure the activity stays fun and engaging by rewarding with the toy or a treat each time the puppy comes to you. This is also a great way to work on recall!

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek can be different for each puppy and household, but it’s a great combination of puppy ping pong and puzzles! While your Klee Kai puppy is staying in one spot, simply hide where they can’t see you and then call them to get them to start looking for you! Depending on your puppy, you can either stay silent while they sniff you out, or you can continually call them so they can follow the sound of your voice.

Food Toss

Of course, sometimes you might not have the time and energy to physically play with your Klee Kai using other methods. If you work from home or simply need to rest your body while your puppy gets their exercise, keep a bag of kibble or treats on hand and when they come to you (and present a sit, if you want to add a layer) toss one or two kibbles away from you. This will get their brain and body working while you get the chance to sit and work or relax.


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