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So you’ve decided to get an Alaskan Klee Kai puppy. Wheeeeee! We’re so excited for you. We fell in love with this intelligent and adorable breed years ago, and we absolutely love connecting our puppies with their new owners. We’ve been in the business so long, in fact, that we have a lot of information on Alaskan Klee Kai. One of the most helpful things we can share is how to prepare for adopting your new puppy.

We also go over this in depth on this page of our website. Feel free to check it out for even more information!

There are lots of things you should know when you adopt an Alaskan Klee Kai puppy, especially if you haven’t owned dogs before, or if you haven’t owned this breed before.


Here at Kika’s Klee Kai we feed our puppies Pro Plan Focus, and our adults Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20. We always give you a small amount of puppy food to take home with your new puppy. If you decide that you want to switch their food, we recommend mixing ⅓ of the new food with ⅔ of the old for a week, then ⅓ of the old with ⅔ of the new for another week, and then switching to the new food. This is so as not to upset puppies’ tummies too much.

We feed our puppies 3 times a day up to 7-8 weeks old, and then switch to twice a day. They should be eating approx 1/3 cup of food twice a day.


Most of our puppies are still pretty tiny when they head home with you, under 5 lbs! You’ll want a size 8-10” collar for your new family member. It is important that your puppy has a collar that fits them properly, as one that is too loose won’t be on your puppy for very long, and one that is too tight may restrict their airway and make it difficult for them to breathe.


We highly recommend crating. It gives your new puppy a place to go that is their own in case they are stressed out or overwhelmed. If you’ll be gone most of the day we recommend a puppy pen with their crate inside it, as well as some pee pads and/or fake grass, food and water dishes, chew bones and toys. This way they can keep themselves amused while you’re gone and still be in an enclosed area.

Furthermore, because puppies suffer from separation anxiety, we recommend getting a long hollow bone from the pet store and filling it with peanut butter, cream cheese or something else they find delectable that’s somewhat sticky, so they are going to have to work to get it out of every last nook and cranny in the bone. Only give them the bone when you are leaving.

Separation anxiety usually only lasts for the first twenty minutes or so, so the idea with the bone is to distract them until you’re gone and they only realize it considerably afterwards. Make sure you retrieve the bone and clean it thoroughly immediately upon returning home.


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Much of the time, pee pads make great tools for potty training. We highly recommend, however, that you either get the kind that stick to the floor or purchase the pan they fit into as well. Alaskan Klee Kai puppies are smart and love to play, and they will often see a pee pad as a toy if it isn’t anchored to something. Puppies playing with used pee pads are not really fun to clean up after.

At night, if your puppy cries, it’s a good idea to leave them alone for a bit. If you get right up and take them right out, they are training you instead of the other way around. Don’t let this happen! Most of the time they will settle down and if they don’t, they generally really do need to go out.

If their behavior persists, we suggest letting them out quickly and then returning them to their bed when they’re done without playing or eating or rewarding them. They need to learn how to do this; it is part of training them, but they should not be given treats and playtime for simply doing what they are supposed to do, which is going potty outside.


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Being taken out of an environment with all of your brothers and sisters and feeding times set and familiar toys and being placed into a new environment without all of that familiarity can be tough on Klee Kai puppies. They may even become shy and reserved at first. Usually, they bounce right back after a couple of days.

We suggest practicing patience during this period and not disciplining or scolding them for their behavior. After a few days, though, it is wise to begin training them, gently at first. If you go too long without training, again, they will begin to train you! This is unwise. Puppies need discipline, training and structure. This is how they flourish.


Rawhides and chew toys are perfectly fine for puppies, but you should monitor their use to make sure that when small pieces break off, they are quickly disposed of. Otherwise these pieces can get lodged in their throat and block your puppy’s airway.

This is not something you want to have to handle; it can become a medical emergency very quickly, and may lead to the severe injury or even death of your Klee Kai puppy. Monitor rawhides carefully to ensure your pup can’t get ahold of a tiny piece that may hurt them.

Alaskan Klee Kai are wonderful dogs. They look like tiny wolves wearing superhero masks, they are playful and clever and joyous, and they are incredible companions. Prepare for your Klee Kai puppy carefully so that when you get to bring them home, you know how to treat them.

If you ever have any questions or need more information about our Alaskan Klee Kai puppies, please contact us! We would love to hear from you.