Tips for Introducing Your New Klee Kai Pup to Your Other Dogs

Kika’s Klee Kai is a family-oriented breeder for Alaskan Klee Kai puppies in Southern California. We breed puppies that are in excellent health, trained exceptionally, and high-spirited. It is our mission to produce an award-winning breed all around. Introducing your dog to other dogs can be a little uncertain at first. When the time comes to introduce your new Klee Kai pup to your current dog(s), you want to follow a few steps for a great first interaction. Subscribe to our channel for more dog tips and tricks!

Find a Spot for Introductions

You want to first introduce your dog to your new Klee Kai puppy from a distance, preferably outdoors. This is a great first step for the dogs to be on neutral territory without getting too up-close. You will also want to ensure the outdoor space is fully fenced with no distractions around.

Pay Attention to Body Language

With both dogs on leashes, you can now monitor how they interact with each other for the first time. If the interaction seems positive and the dogs are wagging their tails, this is a great sign! Moreover, if one dog seems nervous and tenses up, you might need to ease into the process a bit more.

Monitor in the Home

It will be a good idea to closely monitor how the dogs behave inside the house since they will not be off-leash. If it seems like they need a break from each other, make a point to separate them for a while.. Nonetheless, keep them separated when you are not home. You want to make sure you are fully comfortable with how they interact before they are left together alone.


Start Socializing Your Puppy

Download our free socialization checklist.


Keep Toys Separated

One of your dogs might feel the need to protect their toys from the other. This can cause unnecessary aggression that would be better left avoided between the two. Keep toys separated whenever possible.

Our Alaskan Klee Kai puppies are extremely friendly, well-trained, and in great health. When the time comes for your new Klee Kai puppy to meet your other dog(s) it is important to take the proper steps for a positive introduction. Kika’s Klee Kai is the top breeder for these amazing pups! Learn more about us here.